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Closest Approach Trajectory Highlights

See three views of the spacecraft trajectory near closest approach to the planet, as well as summary details of the spacecraft’s location when closest to the planet and the gravity-assist boost imparted to the spacecraft via the flyby.

Earth flyby closest approach details:

Date and time: August 2, 2005, 19:13:08 UTC
Spacecraft distance to planet center: 8714.2 km
Altitude: 2347.5 km
Sub-spacecraft surface latitude, longitude: 47.057° N, 107.290° E
Spacecraft velocity with respect to planet center: 10.389 km/s
Effective gravity-assist velocity change from flyby: 5.996 km/s

August 26, 2005
Movie Headlines MESSENGER Earth Flyby Gallery
The pictures from MESSENGER's Aug. 2 flyby of Earth are in - and spectacular. The collection (so far) includes "natural" color and infrared views of North and South America; a peek at the Galapagos Islands through a break in the clouds; and a movie of the rotating Earth, taken as MESSENGER speeds away from its home planet. [more]

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The View From Above Earth
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