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MESSENGER in the News

News about the MESSENGER mission and exploring Mercury gathered from newspapers, journals, and other media world-wide

February 4, 2015

From Mercury to Pluto: The Year Ahead in Planetary Exploration, by Donna Burton, The Conversation

February 3, 2015

Recurring Meteor Shower on Mercury? NASA’s MESSENGER Suggests So, by James Ayre, PlanetSave.com

January 28, 2015

What Would It Be Like to Live on Mercury?, by Joseph Castro, Space.com

January 13, 2015

Want to Name a Planet or Crater? Time's Running Out, by Alan Boyle, NBC News

January 7, 2015

NASA’S MESSENGER Probe to Fly Close to Mercury Before Final Boost, by Jim Sharkey, Spaceflight Insider

January 6, 2015

NASA's MESSENGER Probe Ready for Final Tour of Mercury, by Rebecca Boyle, New Scientist

NASA to Send MESSENGER on a Final Trip So Close to Mercury It Could Melt, by Sarah Zhang, Gizmodo

January 2, 2015

Engine Hack Extends Mercury MESSENGER Mission, by Staff Writers, Engineering.com

December 29, 2014

Innovative Use of Pressurant Extends MESSENGER's Mercury Mission, by Staff Writers, Astronomy

December 28, 2014

MESSENGER Uses Helium for Last Minute Reprieve, by David Szondy, Gizmag

December 27, 2014

MESSENGER Discovers a Periodic Meteor Shower on Mercury, by Jenny Winder, Sen

December 26, 2014

MESSENGER and Cassini’s Landmark Discoveries in 2014, by Chris Gebhardt, NASASpaceflight.com

December 25, 2014

Spacewatch: Name a Crater on Mercury, by Alan Pickup, The Guardian

December 24, 2014

Mercury Was Once Bigger, Then It Shrank, by Marissa Fessenden, Smithsonian Magazine

December 23, 2014

Help Name Mercury's Craters, by Monica Young, Sky & Telescope

December 22, 2014

Mercury Once Oozed with Lava – Until the Planet Shrank, by Marcus Woo, Wired

NASA MESSENGER to End 11 Years in Space with Crash into Mercury and to Celebrate, You Can Name A Crater, by Kimberly Aquilina, Headlines & Global News

December 16, 2014

Fancy Naming a Crater on Mercury in Honour of NASA’s 10-year MESSENGER Mission?, by Brid-Aine Parnell, Forbes

NASA MESSENGER Orbiter Spots Craters on Mercury: Here’s Your Chance to Name Few of Them, by Rhodi Lee, Tech Times

December 15, 2014

Now’s Your Chance to Name Some Space Stuff (Craters on Mercury, Specifically), by Rachel Feltman, The Washington Post

December 14, 2014

MESSENGER Finds Signs of Mercury Meteor Showers, by David Szondy, Gizmag

November 28, 2014

Delaying Death: Mercury Spacecraft Firing Engines to Stay Up until 2015, by Elizabeth Howell, Universe Today

October 20, 2014

Ice Spotted on Mercury—Yes, We Know It Sounds Nuts, by Michael D. Lemonick, Time

October 16, 2014

Mercury's Hidden Water-ice Revealed, by Paul Rincon, BBC News

Crazy but True: MESSENGER Spacecraft Spots Ice at Mercury's North Pole, by Amina Kahn, Los Angeles Times

Has Mercury's Ice Finally Been Seen? (Hint: Yes), by Phil Plait, Slate Magazine

NASA's MESSENGER Captures First Photos of Ice on Mercury, by James Trew, Engadget

MESSENGER Snaps Pics of Ice on Planet Mercury, Futurity: Research News

October 15, 2014

NASA MESSENGER Mission Captures Photos of Polar Ice on Mercury, by Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

First Photos of Water Ice on Mercury Captured by NASA Spacecraft, by Mike Wall, Space.com

October 14, 2014

Here's What the Lunar Eclipse Looked Like from Mercury, by Amanda Kooser, CNET

October 13, 2014

Goodnight, Moon: MESSENGER Probe Tracks Lunar Eclipse from Mercury, by Alan Boyle, NBC News

NASA Spacecraft Watched the Lunar Eclipse from Mercury, by Ian O’Neill, Discovery News

September 22, 2014

NASA's MESSENGER Spacecraft Headed for Mercury Impact, by Bruce Dorminey, Forbes

Two Impacts, One Landslide…on Mercury, by Phil Plait, Slate Magazine

MESSENGER Completes Second Burn to Maintain Mercury Orbit, by Jason Major, Universe Today

September 11, 2014

12th Batch of MESSENGER Data Released; Water Ice Exploration Tool Unveiled, by Staff Writers, SpaceDaily.com

September 9, 2014

Golden Age of Unmanned Space Travel, by Dean Regas, Huffington Post

September 3, 2014

MESSENGER Spacecraft to Crash into Mercury, by Scott Dance, TexArkanaGazette.com

August 27, 2014

Europa: How Less Can Be More, by Van Cane, The Planetary Society

August 21, 2014

Hopkins Scientists Plan to Study Mercury until MESSENGER Spacecraft Crashes, by Alex DeMetrick, CBS Baltimore

August 20, 2014

As MESSENGER Nears Crash Landing on Mercury, Scientists Racing to Collect Best Data Yet, by Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

August 4, 2014

Zoom Close to Mercury’s Surface via MESSENGER Spacecraft, by Andrew R. Brown, Earth Sky

NASA’s MESSENGER Spacecraft: 10 Years in Space, Staff Writers, Red Orbit

August 3, 2014

NASA Marks 10 Years of Orbiting Mercury, by Tom Ackerman, Al Jazeera

August 1, 2014

See Mercury's Surface for Yourself on MESSENGER's 10th Anniversary [VIDEO], by Brian Stallard, Nature World News

Magnetic Erosion Could Explain Heavyweight Mercury's Density, by Ian Randall, PhysicsWorld

July 30, 2014

Mercury's Magnetic Field Tells Scientists How Its Interior Is Different from Earth's, by Stuart Wolpert, PhysOrg

July 28, 2014

How Do Gravitational Slingshots Work?, by Fraser Cain, Universe Today

July 23, 2014

Stunning Mercury Images Look Like a Marble in Space, Huffington Post UK

July 16, 2014

What Would It Be Like to Stand on the Surface of Mercury, Geek

July 10, 2014

NASA MESSENGER Spacecraft Reveals High-Energy Process of the Sun from Mercury, Science World Report

July 7, 2014

Did a Collision with Earth Make Mercury the 'Iron Planet'?, The Daily Mail

June 27, 2014

Soccer Mania Stretches from Brazil to Mercury, National Geographic

June 18, 2014

Mercury’s Hot Flow Revealed by MESSENGER, University Today

Locating Reclaimed Spacecraft with the Deep Space Network, Space IO

June 17, 2014

NASA's MESSENGER Spots Giant Space Weather Effects at Mercury, Phys.org

Jun 4, 2014

Planet Mercury in Unusual Easy View of Earth, The Oregonian

May 23, 2014

Mt Skies: Take a Rare Look at Mercury, Beartooth NBC

April 24, 2014

MESSENGER Completes Its 3,000th Orbit of Mercury, Sets Mark for Closest Approach, Space Daily

April 23, 2014

NASA's 'Earth From Orbit' Highlights Reel Is Literally Awesome, Huffington Post UK

April 17, 2014

Huge Volcanoes on Mercury Shook Planet for Billions of Years, Scientists Say, Huffington Post

April 9, 2014

Mercury Had Quite the Explosive Past, Spacecraft Analysis Shows, Universe Today

April 5, 2014

Prolonged Volcanic Activity Could Provide Insight into Mercury’s Origins, RedOrbit

March 31, 2014

Mercury shrinking—Is It Something New?, Muse

March 17, 2014

Mercury: Tiny Planet is Still Shrinking, Surfaces Wrinkles Show, Los Angeles Times

Mercury is Wrinkling Like a Raisin, Forbes Magazine

March 16, 2014

Mercury, the Smallest Planet, Is Getting Even Smaller, Scientists Say, National Geographic

February 24, 2014

A Spin through the Solar System, The Planetary Society Blog, by Bill Dunford

'Solar System' on Leaked List of US Postage Stamp Subjects for 2014, CollectSpace

February 19, 2014

Astronomy: Death of a Comet, Nature.com, by Alexandra Witze

February 18, 2014

What Are Mercury’s Hollows, The Planetary Society Blog, by Emily Lakdawalla

February 10, 2014

MESSENGER Surpasses 200,000 Orbital Images of Mercury, Astronomy Magazine

February 8, 2014

WANT Part XIX: Mercury Globe Edition, by Phil Plait, Slate.com

February 4, 2014

First Mercury Globe Now Available, by Robert Naeye, Sky & Telescope

January 30, 2014

Explosive Volcanoes Light up Mercury's Deep Past, by Robin Wylie, Science World Report

January 29, 2014

Earth Resume Surveillance of Mercury, by Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

January 26, 2014

NASA Spacecraft Outlive Original Missions, Budget, by Kenneth Chang, The New York Times and Columbus Dispatch

The Giant Spider of Mercury, by Bill Dunford, The Planetary Society

January 6, 2014

Best New Space Pictures, National Geographic

January 5, 2014

10 Lessons from the “Comet of the Century,” by Corey S. Powell, Discover magazine

January 2, 2014

Astrophile: Wrinkles Reveal Mercury's Rapid Slimming, by Marcus Woo, New Scientist

MESSENGER Team Members Honored for Outstanding Accomplishments in Scientific Research and Education and Public Outreach, SpaceRef

December 31, 2013

What's up in Planetary Missions in 2014? by Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society

December 28, 2013

Best Space Images of 2013, BBC

YIR (Part II) – Lunar and Saturnian Exploration Captures Public’s Attention, by Chris Gebhardt, NASA Spaceflight.com

December 26, 2013

John Lennon among Ten Newly Named Craters on Mercury, by Jenny Winder, Sen

December 6, 2013

MESSENGER’s Mercury Sojourn, by Peter Spinks, The Sydney Morning Herald

November 29, 2013

Scientists Baffled by New Pictures of Comet ISON, CBS Web News, WCTV

November 27, 2013

MESSENGER Captures Images of Comets Encke and ISON, Astrobiology Magazine

November 26, 2013

MESSENGER Captures Images of ISON, Encke, Astronomy magazine

Comet ISON Photographed by NASA Messenger Mercury Probe, by Chris York, Huffington Post UK

November 24, 2013

Will Icy Comet Survive Close Encounter with Sun?  by Marcia Dunn of the Associated Press, US News and World Report

November 18, 2013

NASA Probe to Watch Comets Encke, ISON Zip Past Mercury, by Elizabeth Howell, The Christian Science Monitor

November 15, 2013

Two Comets Spotted by NASA Spacecraft Orbiting Mercury, by Miriam Kramer, Space.com

Comet ISON 2013 Update: Messenger Spacecraft Takes ISON Pictures, Northern Voices Online

November 14, 2013

Comet ISON Brightens 'Considerably', Could Soon be Visible in Night Sky, by Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

Craters on Mercury Exposed in High-Resolution Multi-Color Image, by Mark Hoffman, Science World Report

October 18, 2013

Mercury Could Unlock Secrets to How Our Moon Formed: Scientists Find Striking Similarities between two Cosmic Bodies, by Ellie Zolfagharifard, Daily Mail

How Did Moon Form? Mercury May Hold Clues, Scientist Says, by Katia Moskvitch, Huffington Post Science

October 10, 2013

Five Amazing Facts about Comet ISON's Trek, by Mike Wall, Weather.com

October 9, 2013

Jupiter or Bust, but First a Quick Fly-By of Home, by Joe Palca, NPR, posted on Oregon Public Broadcasting

October 8, 2013

Promising Comet ISON's Solar System Trek: 5 Amazing Facts, by Mike Wall, Space.com

October 4, 2013

How Close Could We Get to the Sun in a Spacecraft? by Rebecca Boyle, Dvice.com

September 24, 2013

A Volcanic View of Mercury, by Jason Major, Universe Today

September 23, 2013

NASA Sees Han Solo on Planet Mercury, Fox News

Epic Space Photos of the Week, by Ian O’Neill, Discovery.com

September 20, 2013

Spacecraft Army Gears up to Watch Rare Sun-diving Comet, by Jeff Hecht, New Scientist

September 18, 2013

NASA Probe Finds Han Solo on Surface of Mercury, by Ryan Grenoble, The Huffington Post

September 16, 2013

Humanoid Shape Spotted on Mercury, by Jason Major, Universe Today

September 7, 2013

Interstellar Winds Flowing Into Our System May Have Shifted Direction, Study Finds, by Ron Cowen, The Huffington Post

September 6, 2013

NASA’s Instagram Profile to Share Amazing Photos from Earth & Beyond, by staff, The Huffington Post

August 8, 2013

NASA's MESSENGER Probe Shows You What It's Like to Leave Earth in the Rearview, by Brent McKnight, Giant Freakin Robot

August 6, 2013

Messenger Shows an Amazing Time-Lapse of Earth, by Anja Prohaska, Austrian Tribune

August 5, 2013

Goodbye Earth! What Messenger Saw on Its Way To Mercury, by Eyder Peralta, National Public Radio

NASA Video of the Day: Time Lapse Liftoff From Spinning Earth, by Jessica Passananti, Design & Trend

July 24, 2013

Stunning View of Earth, As Seen from 900 Million Miles Away, by Andrew McDonald, The Space Reporter

July 23, 2013

Spacecraft Look Back at Planet Earth, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

NASA Probes Photograph Earth from Saturn and Mercury on the Same Day, by James A. Foley, Nature World News

Distant Earth: A History of 'Pale Blue Dots': Photos, by Amy Shira Teitel, Discovery

Humbling Views of Earth from Distant Spacecraft, posted by Andrew Fazekas in StarStruck, National Geographic

Epic NASA Photos of Earth from Saturn & Mercury Give Us Perspective, by Tariq Malik, Space.com

July 22, 2013

Wow! NASA Probes See Earth & Moon from Saturn, Mercury, by Clara Moskowitz, Space.com

July 5, 2013

Volcanoes Smoothed Over Mercury's Surface 500 Million Years After Formation, by Tamarra Kemsley, Nature World News

Early Bombardment History and Volcanism of Mercury Reveals Planet's Age, by Catherine Griffin, Science World Report

July 4, 2013

Mercury Flooded With Lava 4 Billion Years Ago, 'Messenger' Data Show, by Ken Croswell, Huffington Post Science

July 3, 2013

Mercury's had some work done: Volcanic Facelift Belies its True Age, by Miriam Kramer, NBC News

Sun Slings Coronal Mass Ejection Toward Mercury and Venus, by Catherine Griffin, Science World Report

June 26, 2013

Mercury’s Limb, by Phil Plait, Slate

June 6, 2013

Mercury 100% Coverage, by Marc Boucher, Space Ref

May 27, 2013

NASA Watches Solar Magnetic Field as MESSENGER Clocks up 2000 Orbits, by Staff Writers, Space Daily

April 11, 2013

Mercury Meteorite Still Puzzles Scientists, by Geoff Brumfiel, National Public Radio

April 8, 2013

Did This Meteorite Come from Mercury?,by Markus Hammonds, Discovery

April 5, 2013

Crater on Mercury Named after Late Gabby Pahinui, by Rodney S. Yap, Maui Now

March 28, 2013

Green Meteorite May Be from Mercury, a First,by Miriam Kramer, SPACE.com

March 27, 2013

New Crater Names Approved for Mercury’s South Pole & More, by David Dickinson, Universe Today

March 22, 2013

MESSENGER Sees a Smoother Side of Mercury,by Jason Major, Universe Today

March 21, 2013

Planetary Data System Releases MESSENGER Data from Third Mercury Solar Day, Space Daily

The First Hypercolor Map of Mercury Is Stunning, by Jennifer Walsh, Business Insider

March 19, 2013

MESSENGER Completes Its First Extended Mission at Mercury,Red Orbit

March 18, 2013

5 Mercury Secrets Revealed by MESSENGER, by Elizabeth Howell, Universe Today

March 14, 2013

A Tribute to MESSENGER, by Jason Major, Universe Today

March 11, 2013

Scientists Seek Extension of Mercury Spacecraft’s Mission, by Clara Moskowitz, NBC News

March 6, 2013

NASA Spacecraft Makes 1st Complete Map of Planet Mercury, by Clara Moskowitz, Space.com

February 27, 2013

Planet Mercury Once Covered in Magma, Study Suggests, by Clara Moskowitz, Space.com

February 25, 2013

Mercury's Ancient Magma Oceans, by Markus Hammonds, Discovery News

February 22, 2013

Colorful Map of Mercury Snapped by NASA Spacecraft, by Miriam Karner, Space.com

Mercury May Once Have Had an Ocean of Lava, by Alex Knapp, Forbes

February 21, 2013

Ancient Mercury Possessed Massive, Roiling Ocean of Magma, by Catherine Griffin, Science World Report

Mercury May Have Harbored an Ancient Magma Ocean, Paper Reveals, by Jennifer Chu, Phys.org

Mercury Sure Looks Good in Blue, by Jacob Aron, Gizmodo Australia

February 20, 2013

Ice on a Scorching Planet – Scientists Discover Evidence of Water on Mercury, by Jennifer Chu, MIT Technology Review

February 19, 2013

Moody Mercury Shows Its Hidden Colours, by Jacob Aron, New Scientist

Take a Spin around Mercury, by Jason Major, Universe Today

February 15, 2013

Spinning Mercury: NASA Reveals Stunning Animation Showing Giant Craters on the Planet's Surface, by Mark Prigg, Daily Mail

NASA Reveals Colourful Face of Mercury, by Clive Cookson, Financial Times

Mercury's 'Dynamic and Complex World' Revealed by NASA's MESSENGER, by Alok Jha, The Guardian

NASA Captures Mercury's Entire Surface for the First Time, The Telegraph

Extraordinary Video Shows Entire Surface of Mercury in Full Colour for the First Time; Footage Reveals Complex Geology and Extraordinary Temperature Extremes of Planet, by Steve Conner, The Independent

February 12, 2013

Pink Planet in Sky Appears Just Before Valentine's Day, by Catherine Griffin, Science World Report

February 7, 2013

Mercury Near and Far, by Alan Hale, Alamogordo (New Mexico) Daily News

February 5, 2013

Greenish Rock May Be First Meteorite from Mercury, by Jason Major, NBC News

February 4, 2013

Is This Meteorite a Piece of Mercury?, by Jason Major, Universe Today

February 1, 2013

The First-ever Meteorite from Mercury?, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

January 24, 2013

Let’s talk about: Mini-Mercury, by Lindsay Surmacz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

January 15, 2013

A Hi-res Mosaic of Mercury’s Crescent, by Jason Major, Universe Today

December 29, 2012

How NASA Gave Us the Images that Shine Light on Earth – and Beyond, by Robin McKie, The Guardian

December 28, 2012

Year in Review (Part II) – Through the Solar System and Beyond, by Chris Gebhardt, NASASpaceflight.com

Curiosity on Mars, Sugar in Space and Ice on Mercury: Biggest Space Stories of 2012, by Roxanne Palmer, International Business Times

December 27, 2012

The Countdown, Episode 12 – Top 5 Space Stories of 2012!, by Eric R. Olson, Scientific American

Missions to Mercury – MESSENGER and BepiColombo, by Jenny Winder, Space Exploration Network

Year in Science 2012: Inspiring Discoveries & Important Events (PHOTOS), by Andres Jauregui, The Huffington Post

December 21, 2012

Mercury Craters Named after Disney and Muddy Waters, by Lee Rannals, RedOrbit

December 5, 2012

Altimeter Built at Goddard Helped Identify Ice on Mercury, by Elizabeth Zubritsky, Space Daily

Ice Discovered close to the Sun, by Andrew Dunkley, ABC Sydney

December 4, 2012

Finding Mercury’s Water with Infrared Lasers and Neutron Counters, by Douglas McCormick, IEEE Spectrum

Mercury on Ice, by Ivan Laidler, Consett Magazine

Water Ice Found on Mercury, by Helen Maynard-Casely, The Epoch Times

Mercury Has Water Ice, Says NASA, by Pierrot Durand, The French Tribune

Water on Mercury: Discoveries on Mars and Mercury Prove We Earthlings Might Not Be So Alone Anymore, by Adam Hogue, Policy Mic

December 3, 2012

MESSENGER Makes Compelling Case for Water on Planet Mercury, by James Holloway, Gizmag

Video Reveals How Ice Could Exist on Mercury, by Kenneth Chamberlain, National Journal

Carbon on Mars? WATER on MERCURY, the Astounding News! By Diane Tessman, UFO Digest

NASA MESSENGER Adds to Mercury's Water Ice Hypothesis, by Tiffany Kaiser, Daily Tech

December 2, 2012

NASA`s MESSENGER Space Craft Unlocks the Long Awaited Mystery of Mercury, by Ron G. Anselm, The Student Operated Press

Water Ice May Exist on Mercury according to NASA MESSENGER Spacecraft Data, by D. Robert Curry, Newstaar

NASA mission believed to have discovered ice on Mercury, by Scott Dance, The Sydney Morning Herald

December 1, 2012

Mercury’s North Pole Has Ice, NASA Spacecraft Discovers, by Saravanan Jawahar, Truthdive.com

MESSENGER Confirms: There's Lots of Ice on Mercury, by William Atkins, IT Wire

NASA Probe MESSENGER Finally Confirms Water Ice on Mercury, by Arkar, All Voices

November 30, 2012

Mercury's North Pole Is Probably Chock Full of Ice, by Christopher MacManus, CNET.com

NASA Discovers Ice on Mercury, Trace Amounts of Organic Material, by Julie Capuano, Science Recorder

Ice On Mercury: What Next?, by Roxanne Palmer, International Business Times

Organic-covered Ice Deposits Discovered on Mercury, by Paul Scott Anderson, Examiner

Mercury's Water Ice Bodes Well for Alien Life Search, by Mike Wall, Mother Nature Network

NASA Scientists Detect Ice on Mercury, the Closest Planet to the Sun, by Julie Kent, The Cleveland Leader

Researchers Confirm the Presence of Water on Mercury’s Surface, by Makini Brice, Medical Daily

Forget Mars: Why Mercury's Ice-covered Poles May Be More Important, by Chris Gayomali, The Week Magazine

Mercury's Extremes are Protecting Water Ice, by Jim Guest, Overclockers Club

Ice Water Discovered on Mercury: NASA, by Brooke Miller, Science World Report

Evidence of Frozen Water Discovered on Mercury, by Charles Black, Space Exploration Network

Organic Material and Billions of Tonnes of Ice Found on Mercury, by Adam Mann, Wired.co.uk

NASA: Closest Planet to Sun, Mercury, Harbors Ice, by Marcia Dunn, USA Today

Frozen Water on Mercury Reveals Its Cooler Side, by Flora Malein, TG Daily

Evidence Points to Water Ice and Organics on Mercury, by Jason McClellan, Open Minds

Mercury Found to Have Water Ice Which Means We Could Be Fighting Mercurians in the Future, by Anne Phillips, Scrape TV

Ice, Ice Mercury, by Luna Shyr, National Geographic Magazine

November 29, 2012

On Closest Planet to the Sun, NASA Finds Lots of Ice, by Kenneth Chang, The New York Times

NASA Finds New Evidence of Ice on Mercury, by Jason Koebler, U.S. News and World Report

NASA Orbiter Finds Vast Ice Deposits on Mercury, by William Harwood, Spaceflight Now

Mercury Ice Find Renews Old Riddle, by Terry Hurlbut, Examiner

NASA Probe Finds Evidence of Ice on Mercury, by Matthew Reece, Examiner

NASA Probe Reveals Organics, Ice on Mercury, by Irene Klotz, Chicago Tribune

Mercury’s Polar Ice Defies the Odds, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

Craters on Mercury Are Oases for Water Ice, Organic Molecules, by Matthew Francis, Ars Technica

It's Confirmed: Water Ice Discovered on Mercury, by Elizabeth Howell, NBC News

NASA Spacecraft Finds Evidence of Frozen Water on Mercury, by Brittany Green-Miner, Fox 13 News

NASA Finds Evidence of Ice on Mercury, by Carolyn Y. Johnson, The Boston Globe

Mercury Has Frozen Water Possibly Brought by Ice Balls, by Elizabeth Lopatto, Bloomberg News

MESSENGER Spots Mercury Performing Organic Chemistry, by Joe Evans, Chemistry World

Space Probe Finds Ice In Mercury's Craters, by Joe Palca, National Public Radio

Water on Mercury: NASA Announces Discovery of Ice at Planet's Poles, by Andres Jauregui, The Huffington Post

NASA Has Discovered Water Ice on Mercury, by Alex Knapp, Forbes

NASA Finds Evidence Water Ice Is Plentiful on Mercury, by Carl Franzen, Talking Points Memo

NASA Confirms Ice at Poles of Mercury, by Iain Thomson, The Register

NASA: Closest Planet to Sun, Mercury, Harbors Ice, by Marcia Dunn, U.S. News and World Report

NASA Announces Discovery of Water Ice on Mercury, Planet Closest to the Sun, by Johnny Kelly, Examiner

First Rock from the Sun Turns Out to Have Ice, by Tanya Lewis, Science News

NASA Discovers Nearly One Trillion Tons of Ice on Mercury, by Andy Drudge, The Space Reporter

Water Ice on Mercury: NASA Findings Change How We Look for Life, by Mo Mozuch, International Science Times

Mercury Contains Water Ice at its Poles, by Steve Rousseau, Popular Mechanics

Mercury Shows Signs of Water Ice, by Todd Halvorson, Florida Today

Forget Mars: There’s Water on Mercury! by Alexander Abad-Santos, The Atlantic Wire

MESSENGER Discovers Ice on Mercury, Baby; by Evan Ackerman; DVICE.com

Spacecraft Data Suggest Water on Mercury, United Press International

November 28, 2012

Explore Mercury from Your Desktop, by Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times

November 27, 2012

Lighting up Mercury’s Shadowy North Pole, by Jason Major, Universe Today

November 20, 2012

Mercury Photos Reveal Strange ‘Pie Crust’ Surface, by Nola Taylor Redd, Space.com

November 15, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Craters on Mercury Are Solar System First, by Lisa Grossman, New Scientist

November 9, 2012

Astroboffins Spot Smiley Face on Mercury, by Rik Myslewski, The Register

October 1, 2012

Mercury’s Surface Is Full of Sulfur, by Jason Major, Universe Today

September 27, 2012

MESSENGER: New Views of Mercury, by Elizabeth Howell, Space.com

September 24, 2012

Mercury's Surface Resembles Rare Meteorites, NASA 'MESSENGER' Probe Reveals, by Charles Q. Choi, Huffington Post

September 18, 2012

Mercury Probe Points to Different Origin for 1st Planet, by Matt Smith, CNN

August 17, 2012

Tolkien Gets Crater on Mercury, by Ethan Gilsdorf, Wired

August 14, 2012

J. R. R. Tolkien Honored with a Crater on Mercury’s North Pole, by Max Eddy, International Science Times

August 10, 2012

International Astronomical Union Approves Names for Nine Mercury Craters, Red Orbit

August 8, 2012

MESSENGER Marks Eighth Anniversary of Launch, Astronomy

August 6, 2012                                                 

MESSENGER Hits Eighth Birthday, by Camille Carlisle, Sky and Telescope

August 3, 2012

MESSENGER Marks 8th Anniversary of Launch, Phys.org

July 26, 2012

Mercury’s Many Colors, by Jason Major, Universe Today

July 3, 2012

Spacecraft Raises Mercury Mysteries, by Ray Villard, Discovery News

June 19, 2012

MESSENGER Goes to Mercury, Finds Mickey Mouse, by Amy Hubbard, Los Angeles Times

Mickey Mouse ‘Found’ on Planet Mercury, by Katie Kindelan, ABC News

May 21, 2012

Magnetic Space Whirlpools Give Mercury a Plasma Shower, by MacGregor Campbell, New Scientist

May 15, 2012

Warhol Crater Gets Its 15 Minutes of Fame, by Jason Major, Phys.org

May 2, 2012

Planetary Science: Mercury's Mysteries Start to Unfold, by David J. Stevenson, Nature

April 24, 2012

Messenger Settles into New Orbit to Probe Mercury, by Paul Sutherland, Space Exploration Network

April 23, 2012

MESSENGER Reveals Mercury's Colors, by Jason Major, Universe Today

March 26, 2012

NASA Probe Offers New View of Mercury: An Alien World Right in Our Back Yard, by Brian Vastag, The Washington Post

March 25, 2012

NASA Mission Close to Finding Ice on Scorching Mercury, by Stephen Clark, Spaceflight Now

March 24, 2012

Mercury Is Mostly Iron, Astrobiology Magazine

March 22, 2012

Mercury Has a Liquid Core, and Other New Surprises from the Innermost Planet, by Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science

Smallest Planet Yields Big Surprises, by Nadia Drake, Science News

Mercury Findings Raise New Questions, by Stuart Gary, ABC

Planet Mercury Is Even Stranger than We Thought, by Adam Mann, Wired New Mercury Images from MESSENGER Spacecraft, by Andrew Moseman, Popular Mechanics   Mercury Not Too Hot for Polar Ice, by Ian O'Neill, Discovery Probe Finds Mysteries about Mercury, by Spencer Hunt, Columbus Dispatch Space Probe in Orbit above Mercury Sees Signs of Polar Ice; First Rock from the Sun Yields Secrets at Last, by Lewis Page, The Register Mercury Poles Give Up Hints of Water Ice, by Paul Rincon, BBC News

March 21, 2012

NASA Probe Spurs Fresh View of Mercury's Interior, by Eric Hand, Nature

Mystery Rising within Mercury, by Irene Klotz, Discovery

Messenger Mission Reveals Surprises on — and inside — Mercury, by Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times

March Madness on Mercury, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

Mercury Having an Exciting, Active Middle Age; Two New Studies of Tiny Planet Find It Has Unique Interior and Dynamic History, by Mike Wall, MSNBC

Strange Features on Mercury Upend Thinking about 'First Rock from Sun,' by Pete Spotts, The Christian Science Monitor

MESSENGER Spacecraft Resolves Some Mercury Mysteries, and Creates New Ones, by Sarah Fecht, Scientific American

Mercury Rising: NASA Probe Reveals the 'Dead' Planet Had a Violent, Volcanic Past, by Rob Waugh, The Daily Mail

March 20, 2012

Mercury Stirs: The Iron Planet Is Livelier than We Think, by Jeffrey Kluger , Time

March 15, 2012

What Does a Solar Storm Sound Like?, by Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today

March 12, 2012

MESSENGER’s Mission at Mercury, by Amanda Doyle, Space Exploration Network

February 28, 2012

El Hemisferio Sur de Mercurio Visto desde la Sonda MESSENGER de la NASA, by J. J. Velasco, ALT1040

February 7, 2012

Charles Dickens Compleanno su Mercurio. Foto e Video NASA, by Jessica Montani, Maintaffi

January 6, 2012

Wanted: Meteorites from Mercury, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

January 5, 2012

More “Hollowed Ground” on Mercury, by Jason Major, Universe Today

December 31, 2011

2011: Top Stories from the Best Year Ever for NASA Planetary Science!, by Ken Kremer, Universe Today

December 20, 2011

11 Most Amazing Astronomy Stories of 2011, by Denise Chow, MSNBC

December 14, 2011

Water Ice on Mercury? NASA Probe Close to Proof, Teams Say, by Richard A. Lovett, National Geographic News

Our Own Private Hell: Unlocking Mercury's Enigmatic Past, by Bruce Dorminey, Universe Today

December 1, 2011

NASA Planetary Science Trio Honored as 'Best of What's New in 2011' – Curiosity/Dawn/MESSENGER, by Ken Kremer, Universe Today

November 28, 2011

Incredible 'Sideways' Look at Mercury's Limb, by Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today

November 17, 2011

NASA Mission to Mercury Gets 1-year Life Extension, by Tariq Malik, Space.com

November 16, 2011

NASA Extends Life of MESSENGER Mercury Probe, by Emma Woollacott, TG Daily

October 27, 2011

Picture of the Day: Color Image of Mercury, by Rebecca J. Rosen, The Atlantic

October 25, 2011

Mercury's MESSENGER Finds Strage Hollows, by William Atkins, ITWire

October 24, 2011

Mercury's 'Sleepy' Hollows Surprise Astronomers, by Dauna Coulter, Cosmos

October 13, 2011

Is Mercury Alive After All?, by Raphael Rosen, Sky & Telescope

October 12, 2011

Weird Mercury, editorial, The Hindu

October 11, 2011

Messages from Mercury, by Nadia Drake, Science News

October 10, 2011

NASA Spacecraft's First Complete Scan of Mercury Reveals Strange Hollows on Its Surface, by Leon Watson, Daily Mail

October 8, 2011

MESSENGER Reveals New Information about Planet Mercury, by Nic Anderson, All News Wire

October 6, 2011

Did Mercury and Uranus Have a Rough Youth After All?, by Govert Schilling, Science Now

October 5, 2011

Notes from Day 3 of the EPSC/DPS Meeting (All about MESSENGER), by Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society Blog

October 4, 2011

Solar Wind Whips Up Mercury's Poles, by Nicole Casal Moore, Futurity

October 3, 2011

Hot, Odd and Curious: NASA Orbiter Reveals Mercury To Be Surprisingly Complex, by John Matson, Scientific American

Mercury Shows Its True Colors, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

The Flood Basalts of Mercury, by Erik Klemetti, Wired.com

October 1, 2011

Mercury’s Magnetic Field – and Why It Has One, by Amina Khan, The Los Angeles Times

September 30, 2011

MESSENGER Findings May 'Revolutionize' Views of Mercury, by Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times

Mercury Isn’t the Planet They Thought It Was Say Planetary Scientists, by Steven Hodson, The Inquisitr

'Hollows” Mark Mercury’s Surface, by Jonathan Amos, BBC News

MESSENGER Reveals Mercury Is Not What Scientists Theorized, by Eyder Peralta, National Public Radio

MESSENGER Sheds Light on Mercury’s Formation, by Jon Cartwright, Chemistry World

MESSENGER Reveals Mercury’s Magnetic Field and Pockmarked Surface, by Mark Brown, Wired.co.uk

Craters Expose Mercury’s Volcanic Past, by Emma Brennand, Cosmos

Mercury’s Mysterious Hollowed Ground, by Jason Major, Discovery News

September 29, 2011

Planetary Mystery: How in the World Did Mercury Form?, by Jeffrey Kluger, Time

MESSENGER’s Message from Mercury: Time to Rewrite the Textbooks, by Mark Sappenfield, Christian Science Monitor

MESSENGER’s Mission to Mercury Finds Surprises, by Frank D. Roylance, The Baltimore Sun

Mercury’s Close-up Shows Lava Flows and “Hollows,” by Deborah Zabarenko, Reuters

Planet Mercury Full of Strange Surprises, NASA Spacecraft Reveals, by Charles Q. Choi, Fox News

Mercury “Hollows” Found – Pits May Be Solar System First, by Rachel Kaufman, National Geographic

Close-ups Reveal a Weirder Mercury, by Ron Cowen, Nature

Mercury: The Little Planet Full of Surprises, by Irene Klotz, Discovery News

MESSENGER from Mercury, by Nadia Drake, Science News

Bright ‘Hollows’ on Mercury Are Unique in Solar System, by Lisa Grossman, New Scientist

Myriad Marvels on Mysterious Mercury, by Keith Cooper, Astronomy Now

“Extreme” Solar Wind Blasts Mercury’s Poles, by Ray Sanders, Universe Today

Mercury’s Volcanic History Revealed, by Adam Mann, Wired.com

NASA Probe Reveals Unprecedented Details about Mercury, by Kukil Bora, International Business Times

September 1, 2011

Stamatios Krimigis on Exploring the Heliosphere, Interview by Simon Mitton, Science Watch

August 23, 2011

Mercury's Moment to Shine; The Innermost Planet Sparkles Brightly Just Before Dawn at the Start of September, by Bill Andrews, Astronomy Magazine

July 21, 2011

Earth Looks Incredibly Perfect from 270,000 Miles Away, by Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo

July 14, 2011

Measuring Mercury's Craters, by Tammy Plotner, Universe Today

July 2, 2011

Mercury Sighting Fleeting Joy, by Randy Groundwater, The Windsor Star

July 1, 2011

A Message from Mercury, by Clive Cookson, Financial Times

June 28, 2011

Mission Provides New Findings about Mercury, by Randy Showstack, Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union

June 21, 2011

MESSENGER Unveiling Mercury's Hidden Secrets, by Ken Kremer, Universe Today

June 20, 2011

MESSENGER Begins Unlocking Mercury's Secrets, by Emily Baldwin, Astronomy Now

June 17, 2011

MESSENGER Reveals Mercury Anew, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

Mercury Comes into Better Focus, by Elizabeth Wilson, Chemical & Engineering News

PICTURES: Mercury’s Reputation May Get a Boost Thanks to MESSENGER, by Kenneth Chamberlain, National Journal

Mercury Images Provide New Details about Planet’s Origin, Makeup, by Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine

June 16, 2011

Close up, Mercury Is Looking Less Boring, by Kenneth Chang, The New York Times

How Mercury Is Like Saturn (and Other Surprises from NASA's Orbiter), by Pete Spotts, Christian Science Monitor

Ice May Cover Parts of Mercury, by Daniela Hernandez, Los Angeles Times

NASA's MESSENGER Disproves Several Theories about Mercury, by Frank Roylance, The Baltimore Sun

Mercury's Origins May Differ from Sister Planets, by Irene Klotz, Toronto Sun

MESSENGER Spies Mercury in Detail, by Jonathan Amos, BBC News

NASA MESSENGER Spacecraft Changing Picture of Mercury, by Matt Peckham, Time

Probe's Pictures Prove that Mercury 'Ain't the Moon,' by Alan Boyle, MSNBC

NASA Spacecraft Reveals Surprising 'Personality,' by Mike Wall, Space.com

Brilliant New Images of Mercury from First Year of Orbit, by Lisa Grossman, Wired.com

Mercury Was Probably Pummeled in its Youth, by Maggie McKee, New Scientis

NASA's MESSENGER Spacecraft Uncovers More Mercury Details, by Larry Dignan, SmartPlanet.com

June 13, 2011

The Greatest Mysteries of Mercury, by Adam Hadhazy, Space.com

June 1, 2011

The Shape of Mercury, by Staff, Space Daily

MESSENGER Begins Year of Mercury Observations, by Gerard van de Haar, Spaceflight Magazine

May 31, 2011

Twitter for Space Geeks, Astrobiology Magazine

May 21, 2011

MESSENGER Pays a Yearlong Visit to Mercury, by Ron Cowen, Science News

May 20, 2011

Greek Astrophysicist Explains Messenger Mission to Mercury, by Yiannis Elafros, E Kathimerini

May 13, 2011

Jaw-dropping Mosaic of Mercury’s Battered, Beautiful Face, by Phil Plait, Discover

April 28, 2011

Let’s Talk About: First Spacecraft Orbits Mercury, by Dan Malerbo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

April 20, 2011

For Kids: Planetary Paparazzo, Stephen Ornes, Science News

April 19, 2011

Latest Images from Mercury: Bright Peaks, Swirling Craters and Weird Terrain, by Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today

April 8, 2011

The Word from Mercury: MESSENGER Has Been Delivered, by Ben Burress, Quest

April 4, 2011

In Praise of Mercury, by Lou Friedman, The Space Review

April 1, 2011

Photoessay: Images from First Planetary Orbits, by John Timmer, Ars Technica

March 31, 2011

Want to See What Mercury Looks Like?, by Matt Peckham, Time

Video: First Mercury Images Show Lots of Craters, by Doyle Rice, USA Today

Scientists Release First Images of Planet Mercury, by Jessica Berman, Voice of America

March 30, 2011   Probe Sends Marvels from Mercury, by Alan Boyle, MSNBC

First Portraits of Mercury from Orbit, by Ron Cowen, Science News

Messenger Gets to Work, by Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope

March 29, 2011

A First Look at Mercury's Surface, by Kenneth Chang, The New York Times

NASA Gets First Close-up Look at Mercury, by Amina Kahn, Los Angeles Times

History Made: MESSENGER Orbital Photograph of Mercury: Big Pic, by Ian O’Neill, Discovery News

NASA Craft Photographs Never-before-seen Region of Mercury, by Michael Winter, USA Today

First Look at Mercury from Orbit, by Alan Boyle, MSNBC

March 28, 2011

PI Sean Solomon’s MESSENGER Is Orbiting Mercury!, Planetary Radio

March 25, 2011

NASA Shows Students Details of Mercury Mission, WBAL-TV

March 21, 2011

MESSENGER Probe Becomes First to Orbit Mercury, by Frank Morring, Jr., Aviation Week

MESSENGER Spacecraft Begins Orbit around Mercury, Astronomy

March 20, 2011

The Littlest Planet Gets a Close-up Look, by Michael D. Lemonick, Time

March 19, 2011

Mercury: MESSENGER Spacecraft Scans Dynamic Planet, by David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle

Mercury Nets Spacecraft Companion, by Dan Vergano, USA Today

March 18, 2011

EDITORIAL: Mission to Mercury, The New York Times

MESSENGER Spacecraft Enters Orbit around Mercury, by Frank Roylance, Los Angeles Times

NASA Probe Goes into Mercury's Orbit, by Ira Flatow, National Public Radio

MESSENGER Spacecraft Enters Mercury Orbit, Physics World

NASA Spacecraft Circling Mercury, The New York Times

MESSENGER Spacecraft Enters Orbit around Mercury, by Frank Roylance, Los Angeles Times

NASA Probe Reaches Mercury, by CNN Wire Staff

MESSENGER Arrives at Mercury, by Ivan Semeniuk, Nature.com

NASA Milestone: MESSENGER Spacecraft Enters Orbit around Mercury, by Pete Spotts, The Christian Science Monitor

After MESSENGER Spacecraft's Successful Orbital Burn, Mercury Now Has Its First-Ever Satellite, by Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science

NASA's MESSENGER Begins Historic Orbit of Mercury, by Sharon Gaudin, ComputerWorld

March 17, 2011

MESSENGER Probe Set to Orbit Mercury, by Jonathan Amos, BBC News

Messenger Spacecraft Closes in on Mercury's Orbit, by Bart Jansen, Florida Today

NASA Spacecraft Trying to Get Into Mercury's Orbit, Associated Press

MESSENGER Probe Eases into Hellish Mercury's Orbit, by William Harwood, CNET

NASA Probe Successfully Orbiting Mercury–A First, by Rachel Kaufman, National Geographic

March 16, 2011

MESSENGER Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury Thursday, by Frank Roylance, The Baltimore Sun

The Incredible Shrunken Mercury, by Irene Klotz, Discovery News

Finally, a Look at Enduring Mysteries of Mercury, by Charles Q. Choi, MSNBC

First Rock from the Sun: NASA Set to Explore Mercury's Extreme Atmosphere, by Miles O’Brien, PBS NewsHour

March 15, 2011

Excitement Builds as NASA Spacecraft Nears Mercury, by Mike Walls, SPACE.com

March 14, 2011

MESSENGER – Mercury Week (Brewster Rockit), by Tim Rickard

March 11, 2011

NASA’s MESSENGER Spacecraft Gears up to Orbit Mercury, by Clara Moskowitz, SPACE.com

When MESSENGER Arrives in Orbit: Q&A with Sean Solomon, NASA's Mercury Boss, by Clara Moskowitz, SPACE.com

Infographic: NASA’s MESSENGER Mission to Mercury, by Karl Tate, SPACE.com

Planet Mercury visible before NASA craft orbits it, by Seth Borenstein, Associated Press

March 10, 2011

Image Album: New Views of Mercury from NASA's MESSENGER Probe, by SPACE.com Staff

March 8, 2011

NASA Mission Set to Orbit Mercury, by Adam Mann, Nature

March 3, 2011

MESSENGER Equipped to Explore Mercury, by Scientific American

March 1, 2011

Arrival at Mercury, by Emily Baldwin, David Powell, and Keith Cooper, Astronomy Now

Journey to the Innermost Planet, by Scott L. Murchie, Ronald J. Vervack Jr. and Brian J. Anderson, Scientific American

What’s up for March? Solar and Mercury Views, Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today

NASA’s MESSENGER Spacecraft Zeroes In on Mercury, by Lisa Grossman, Wired.com

February 21, 2011

Mysteries of the Planet Mercury to Be Revealed, by BBC News

February 21, 2011

Mercury MESSENGER Engineer on Craft's Special Design, by BBC News

February 18, 2011

Wow! 6 Solar System Planets Shine in One New Photo, by Space.com Staff

February 15, 2011

A First for the Inner Frontier: Q&A with Sean Solomon on the MESSENGER mission, by Eric Betz, AGU Blogosphere.

February 2, 2011

First Probe to Orbit Mercury Will Answer Big Questions, by Jesse Emspak, International Business Times

February 1, 2011

A Message from Mercury, by Louise Prockter, PhysicsWorld.com

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