Mercury Orbit Insertion Highlights

View Mercury and the spacecraft path from:

the direction of the Sun

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above Mercury's North pole

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the direction of the Earth

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View animations (January 2007 update) of Mercury and the spacecraft path from:
above Mercury’s north pole
the direction of the spacecraft

Highlights (June 2006 update) for Mercury Orbit Insertion

Minimum altitude above Mercury one orbit after orbit insertion:
197.2 kilometers (122.5 miles) on March 18, 2011 11:31 pm UTC

Maximum spacecraft speed relative to center of Mercury:
3.862 kilometers per second (2.400 miles per second or 8640 miles per hour)

Distance from Earth and Sun (1 AU = average Earth-Sun distance):
Earth-spacecraft: 1.0110 AU (151.24 million kilometers, 93.98 million miles)
Sun-spacecraft: 0.3097 AU (46.333 million kilometers, 28.790 million miles)