A NASA Discovery mission to conduct the first orbital study
of the innermost planet
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Using MESSENGER Images

MESSENGER images are generally available for non-commercial educational and public information purposes, so long as their use does not convey NASA's, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory's or Carnegie Institution of Washington's implicit or explicit endorsement of any goods or services. No fee or written permission is required for their use, but please credit images to NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington (unless otherwise noted in the image caption).

MESSENGER is a NASA mission and adheres to the space agency's guidelines for image use and reproduction. Visit the NASA Web site "Using NASA Imagery and Linking to NASA Web Sites" (http://www.nasa.gov/audience/formedia/features/MP_Photo_Guidelines.html) for more information, or contact the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Public Affairs Office at (240) 228-5020 or michael.buckley@jhuapl.edu.

Linking to the MESSENGER Web site is permitted, provided the link is strictly for information and does not convey implicit or explicit endorsement of any goods or services by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, or NASA.

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