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Mercury on Google Earth

Explore the surface of Mercury, investigate named craters and other features, see featured MESSENGER images, and take guided tours of the latest Mercury research in the Google Earth interface.

Take guided tours of the latest research with MESSENGER mission scientists!

  1. Follow the steps above to view Mercury in Google Earth [NOTE: To view these tours you must have the latest version of Google Earth (version 6.1 or later). You can get the latest version HERE].
  2. Expand the MESSENGER BaseMap folder.
  3. Expand the Mercury Dataset folder.
  4. Expand one of the Tours (e.g. "Zurbuchen Tour") and click on "Play me!" to hear mission scientists talking about their latest discoveries on Mercury as you zoom over those areas of the planet.

Three Easy Steps to Explore Mercury in Google Earth

  1. Download Google Earth

  2. Click HERE to open the Mercury KMZ File in Google Earth

  3. Explore!

Alternatively you can right-click HERE and choose "Save target as ..." to download the file. Launch the Google Earth Application and Open the Mercury KMZ File in Google Earth.

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Some Useful Tips: